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You can now find Juju's Delivery also on Facebook. Here is my Page. Likes are very much appreciated! The Shirts and more can be purchased directly through my Shop on Facebook.



Illustration for Nido

Nido is a German magazine for the contemporary young family. They asked me to do three small illustrations on the topic of "How to behave". Kids are great - but they can be little monsters. Nido "Kleine Monster" Nido cover Nido illustration


New T-shirts have arrived!

Summer Shirt Summer Shirt "Damaged"
These are the first photos of the new summer shirts. A big thank you goes out to my models Dino and Robin! You did a great job. Usually they are both too busy to stand still for a photo. Dino is a musician and Robin an illustrator (check out her wonderful work under www.robineisenberg.com).


Summertime is T-shirt time

screenprinting screenprinting
There are some new T-shirts in the making! Available very soon from my Etsy shop.



flowerpower It has been a very long and grey winter here in Berlin and a very moody spring. But now at last summer is here to stay!


Exhibition in München

München Exhibition Flyer

I will be showing some new work from my "Destroy all Monsters" series
at Aaber ArtSpace in München. Jim Avignon has curated a groupshow
showing the work of Fehmi Baumbach, Jon Burgerman, Mia Gideon,
Lea Heinrich and myself.

Vernissage Party is on the 12th of January from 7pm
Aaber ArtSpace I Kaiserstrasse 14 I 80801 München


Wall Calendar 2012

Maybe some of you know the postcards I have published with the friendly people
from Bizarrverlag. A collection of these postcards have now been selected to appear
as a Wall Calendar. The year according to juju...

Wall Calendar 2012

Wall Calendar 2012

Wall Calendar 2012

Wall Calendar 2012

Wall Calendar 2012


2012 is the year of....

Sorry I have not been able to update my blog in the last few months, I have been way too busy.
2011 has been a fantastic year and I am sad to see it go... but hopefully the new pocket diary
will help me and everyone else to also make great plans for 2012!

Pocket Diary 2012

Since 2006 Anna Bühler and I have been publishing this diary, every year we invited twelve artist from around the world. You can find the list of the artists who are participating this year on our brand new website, which will include an archive soon. And you can buy the diary in my etsy shop.

Pocket Diary 2012
Artwork: Top by Eleanor Davis, Bottom by Yaya Hermann Dune

Pocket Diary 2012
Artwork: Top by Mississippi, Bottom by Al Murphy

Pocket Diary 2012
Artwork: Top by Kyoung Eun Gu, Bottom by Stina Löfgren


Moomin Mama

I only discovered the magical world of the moomins in my early twenties and I'm not actually sure it was meant to be for kids. Tove Jansson used to live on a little Finnish island called Pietilä and its a dream of mine to visit it one day. I was told she always left the litte wooden house in perfect condition and put a bottle of vodka in the cubboard in case some unkown visitor would drop by.

tove jansson
the moomins
moomins & friends
the moomins on TV


Mr. OMG and Mr. WTF

A new shirt for morr music's webshop a number of small things
Go ahead and order here for boys and here for girls.
marks girl
marks boy
Rumours are they might make bags soon...


giant juju

This is bigger than life. See for yourself at SIMONUNO (Simon-Dach-Strasse 1, Berlin).
Hidden behind the scaffolding is my wall painting and the shop selling customised
shirts and sweatshirts with my designs.

Now SIMONUNO has also a printing studio just nearby the shop.

Summer's here!

No better way to start the summer than with a brand new shirt! Highly limited
hand printed t-shirts are now exclusively available at a number of small things.

girlscout image
werewolf image

in the studio
in the studio
The shirts in the making at MAWÜNKO print studio.


Financial Times likes my Price

The Boxergirl print which I have done for Concrete Hermit
is being shown among many talents at the Somerset House
exhibition Pick Me Up.
The exhibition has been mentioned in Financial Times on
the 24th of April. My work has been highlighted as being
sold at rock bottom prices!


dutch design

Everyone knows and loves Dick Bruna.... but Fiep Westendorp ist another amazing Dutch
illustrator who deserves international recognition. Because auf their simplicity there is no
tweeness in her creations and they have so much character despite having no eyes.

Fiep Westendorp
Fiep Westendorp
Fiep Westendorp
Fiep Westendorp


on the road again

My "Take me to Tokyo" for threadless has been reprinted! Buy it here

Take me to Tokyo
Here are some more examples. Thanks to everyone who is as fond of godzilla as I am and bought the shirt! This is a little tribute to all those out there who took a photo of themselves wearing the shirt: (clockwise, starting top left): ysp74, girlteeme, shabushabu, i am esa, squidracerX, godxilla / hotmilkgt, megafone, plumouttaideas. I truly think your pictures are awesome, however if you don't want to be featured here just get in touch and I will remove the photo.


music monsters live

The music monsters are now online. Click and make them jam!

Music Monsters Logo

Music Monsters


wear it with pride

The guys from FL@33 have a passion for badges. I have been
asked to participate to their 7th series of artists badges.
They're available here. Wearable artwork!



new exhibition

To celebrate its second anniversary, ROJO®artspace Milano presents a group
exhibition emblematically titled "Mirabilia". It brings together over 50 artists
for a transversal overview of international contemporary creativity through
painting, graphics, illustration, photography, sculpture, video, installation
and visual poetry.

artspace milan
Good luck trying to get to the bar!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga