2012 is the year of....

Sorry I have not been able to update my blog in the last few months, I have been way too busy.
2011 has been a fantastic year and I am sad to see it go... but hopefully the new pocket diary
will help me and everyone else to also make great plans for 2012!

Pocket Diary 2012

Since 2006 Anna Bühler and I have been publishing this diary, every year we invited twelve artist from around the world. You can find the list of the artists who are participating this year on our brand new website, which will include an archive soon. And you can buy the diary in my etsy shop.

Pocket Diary 2012
Artwork: Top by Eleanor Davis, Bottom by Yaya Hermann Dune

Pocket Diary 2012
Artwork: Top by Mississippi, Bottom by Al Murphy

Pocket Diary 2012
Artwork: Top by Kyoung Eun Gu, Bottom by Stina Löfgren


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Bhavna said...

Ohayo. It is indeed a very good pocket diary. Very useful and creative as well.

Miss du Mont said...

Amazing! I didn't know about this project even I'm massive fan of your work and I try to follow you. I guess April 12 it's quite late to get a new 2011 agenda... shame on me. Best regards Juju